Turtle Beach

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Lara or Turtle beach is located in the Akamas Peninsula. You can get there from driving to Pegia and then to Agios Georgios. It is a beach which is deserted as it is a protected area. . The soft sand is plenty and is in a bay which has the shape of a horseshoe. Lara is a birth ground of the green turtle. The only habitants are wild goats, birds and turtles.Due to the fact that the area is deserted, the beach and the trees are intact making it a small paradise. The sand is soft and golden, while the sea is crystal clear and clean. In order to get there you will need a four-wheel drive as it is an off-road journey. Also since it is deserted you must take an umbrella as there is no shade, as well as food and drinks.

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Distance from Julipapas Gardens: 19,5 Km

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© Copyright Julipapas Gardens

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