The Avakas Gorge

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A masterpiece of nature, Avakas Gorge is situated in the unspoilt Akamas peninsula in northwest Paphos. A trekker’s paradise, it offers spectacular views and a generous introduction to local flora and fauna, including the endangered centauria akamantis – an endemic plant found only in the gorge. Carved out of limestone rocks, rising up as high as 30 metres and narrowing dramatically at one point, the gorge is a fairly difficult hike as the rough track winds its way along and over the stream that formed this natural wonder over thousands of years. Parts of the walk are slippery and involve a certain amount of clambering over rocks and stones. Solid footwear and sensible clothes are recommended.

Visitors are advised to take ample drinking water and urged not to enter the gorge alone without first informing someone of their plans.

Rich in flora, the gorge has pine trees, cypresses, junipers, wild fig trees, ferns and oaks among other trees as well as a profusion of wild flowers. Prize specimen among them is the extremely rare endemic centauria akamandis with its purple flowers that blossoms in the spring. Animal life includes foxes, hares, falcons, crows, night owls, butterflies and a large number of reptiles.

The gorge is some 3km long. A number of travel firms carry out organized visits to the gorge.

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Distance from Julipapas Gardens: 27 Km

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