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Here in Julipapas Gardens, we are devoted to providing our guests with exclusive opportunities towards enjoying Cyprus at the fullest. This is why we are working with Paphos Sea Cruises, the leading cruise provider in the region.

Paphos Sea Cruises is a member of the Masouras Bros Shipping Company Ltd and is known worldwide for its coastal cruises. We offer a wide variety of cruises, ranging from Full Day, Half Day, Sunset, Pirate, Catamaran, along with Wedding Receptions, Private Charters, Special Events, and Water Sports.

Paphos Sea Cruises is a family owned business founded back in 1983. With a reputation for being experienced, reliable, methodical and passionate, we have been trusted by more than a million customers during all those years. Teamwork is a core tenant of our work, and such we offer pleasant and quality cruises around Cyprus. Feel free to explore our services and welcome aboard to discover the beauties of Cyprus.

For more information and reservations, please contact Reception.

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© Copyright Julipapas Gardens

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